What Does Impeachment Mean for the Markets: ​Nothing

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The big news starting Thursday’s trading session was the U.S. House of Representatives voting to impeach President Trump. We expect, and often see, global events having an impact on trading and the markets. Political implications aside, the big question for investors is how will the impeachment affect the markets. The short answer is: not really at all.

How could the markets not be affected by such news? Well starting with a historical look at impeachment and the effects on the markets we see that there hasn’t been a great effect on the markets as a result of an impeachment. When Nixon resigned (avoiding an impeachment) the markets became bearish, but as a result of the economic conditions at the time of high inflation and commodity prices. After the Clinton impeachment we saw markets bullish, once again reflective of the economic situation, and not a result of the impeachment itself. Which brings us to what is really driving the markets, the fundamentals of the economy, and the market sectors themselves such as earnings and growth.

Other factors to consider are that the markets and investors have had a long time to digest and analyze the potential for an impeachment. Given the long time horizon, the impeachment has been able to be priced into the markets. There is also a widely held belief that the Senate will acquit President Trump, which would also explain the lack of

adjustment to the markets. If investors begin to believe that the Senate could turn away from party lines, or if the impeachment proceedings drag on, there is a potential to see a loss of confidence in the markets and subsequent price adjustments.

As citizens we should have an interest in the impeachment proceedings of our President, but as investors we should be mostly agnostic. It is important to invest free of emotions, and focus on the fundamentals of the economy and individual corporations when making our investment decisions. The impeachment is a big deal, just not for the markets.

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